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Dear customer,

We hope you like our products and want to order with us. This is how we work:

Minimum amount of order

Sapana Women Skill Development Project (WSDP) online only sells her products wholesale. The minimum amount of pieces you can order is 50 pieces. If you let us produce your own design, then we can give
you the exclusive rights to buy the product if you order 1000 pieces or more. Otherwise we take the product also in our assortment for others to order.

How do we work

We don’t keep stock, so everything you order will be specially produced for you. This means it takes time to produce your order. How much time it will take depends on the product and amount of your order. Please contact us for more information.

If you have special requests for new products or colour combinations, we are more then happy to look into the possibilities with you.

Availability of the fabric

The plain coloured fabrics are always available. But for the multi-coloured fabric with a special print it might be difficult to get exactly the same print as shown in the pictures or on a second order. This is because collections and stock at our suppliers might vary. Therefore we have to make you an offer on the available fabrics and designs at the moment you order. We will send you pictures of the available fabric when you order, so you can choose the fabric then.

How to order

Are you interested in doing business with us or do you want more information?
Please send an email to for more information and offers.

Download our terms and conditions here.


We hope to meet you soon!


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