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The Sapana Women Skill Development Project Works with many different customers and designers. This is what they say about us and our cooperation.

Return to Sender

Return to Sender believes in the power of beautiful products, made by people.
This is why Return to Sender is sourcing the world, all year round, to find products with their own, beautiful stories. We are proud that we could work together with the Sapana Women Skill project.
The products that the women made for Return to Sender were special and had a strong and good story. Because of the techniques used, the symbolic that was in them and of course because of the special women that made these bestsellers!


Department store HEMA from the Netherlands ordered cushion covers and elephants from the Sapana Women Skill Development Project for their fair-trade line Return to Sender. This is what they said about the cooperation and the products:

HEMA can identify itself very well with the goals of Return to Sender. By selling their products in our stores and through our website we offer our customers a special and sustainable alternative. Our designers help develop the products. In this process they are being inspired by the culture, colours, materials and techniques from the country of origin. The cushion covers and elephants of the Sapana Women Skill Development Project that HEMA has had in her collection, were a big success.


Marie da Cruz, designer

Today, being a designer is more than just creating an object. It’s essential to be concerned about  the whole creation process and the people involved. It can be the trigger to a positive and global impact on the lives of people somewhere. We not only support the people who make the items we consume and enjoy, but we also support the environment, women’s rights, children’s education, cultural dignity and peace building.

It’s important for me to work regularly with craft communities especially with the Sapana team to develop new products with a contemporary approach. Nepal is an incredible country where it’s still possible to take time and to appreciate the true worth of “handwork”. It’s a real pleasure to collaborate with Sapana’s women, they are authentic yet modern, sleek yet rustic... and always willing to start new projects.
“The world is an incredible place when you meet incredible people.”

Marian Kok, designer

Working with the women has been a fantastic experience. They have inspired me with their way of work, mentality to life and warmth. We have together designed new products and had a lot of fun in the process. The women are always open to learn new skills and together we made the world a little bit more beautiful and colourful.

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