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These are the designers we still work with or have worked with in the past.
We are very happy they want to sheir their creativity and skills with us.

Bernadette van de BraakBernadette van de Braak is a textile designer from Holland.
She is hooked on Nepal since 2008, the country but especially the people stole her heart.
Bernadette graduated from The Academy of fine arts in Maastricht and now works as a freelance textile designer in Maastricht.
What she likes most about working with the Sapana Women Skill Development Project is that she can combine her social skills with her designing quality's. The social aspect to the design is a special matter to her. It's a matter of getting people excited about their own capabilities.
But also to show them that with all that taking in, they are able to reach further than their own imagination. So that some day they can B-INDEPENDENT as well.
Bernadette's way of work…… Usually without a clear plan she stumbles up on things that trigger her creativity. Materials that she finds interesting or a drawing that she made. It can all be a start of a variety of products.

'"The process does not have to be a struggle and does not have to come from a concept, it also can be something you just stumble upon and find interesting to work with"

For more information about Bernadette please visit her website:


Marie Da Cruz Marie Da Cruz is a textile designer living & working in Lyon, France, but it is possible that you cross her in the Nepalese jungle, on the roads of the South of India or walking around in the Philippines Islands.
Marie likes to mix mediums, colours and inspiration and works with paper or natural fibres (abaca) to develop ideas that transcend traditional interpretation of textiles.
She has developed a design language that creates contemporary style using traditional methods.
Always a dreamer with a deep appreciation for art, fashion, travel & mystic cultures... Marie likes to design products that reflects her thinking and methods.
She enjoys working with craft communities, especially in Nepal, by developing joyful products. She believes that design is there to enjoy the buyer and its environment and giving a happy feeling to everybody involved in the process of creation.


Marian KokMarian Kok is a designer from Holland.
Designing is not her official profession, but being a creative chameleon she enjoys designing and creating new things.
She draws, paints and makes her own jewellery in Holland, but does not do it commercially.
She has spent 5 months in Nepal helping the women of the Sapana Women Skill Development Project create new designs, get more customers and she created this website. She was inspired by the women, the colours and fabrics.
Changing the world and make it a more fair and better place is her drive. The women skill project was a great chance for both Marian and the women to work together, make beautiful things and help the women enhance their life's.



MafiJosie is a traveller from Amsterdam. He used to work on the Styling Department of G-star where he was a fabric researcher and part time designer.
He is now travelling around the world and is experimenting with Photography. He stumbled upon this project during his trip to Nepal and decided to help design and set up an accessory line consisting of bags, scarfs, netbook bags and other ideas.
He also made some pictures that were used on the website.

If you want to see more of his work or read his travel stories, you can visit his website:


Ineke Frohnhofen

Ineke Frohnhofen Ineke Frohnhofen is a designer from Germany. She studied textile design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. In 2008 she went the first time to Nepal to do an internship.
It became a part of her life. The Country, its people, their culture, the colours, shapes and sounds... everything inspires her. She has a strong bond and affection for it.
Her work is subtle and detailed, and breaths a certain atmosphere, a certain feeling. “The smallest thing can inspire me and evolve a feeling that leads to an idea.”
A pure colour, a word, a sound... if she likes it, she uses it and starts creating intuitively.
She likes to connect different worlds through her work, through combining materials, techniques and culture. Not only textiles, but also products, jewellery and fashion are part of her work and interests. Another main aspect for her is to give the whole process of creating and producing a social frame.
Therefor her cooperation with the Sapana Women Development Project is a perfect combination of designing and doing good for the women.
For more information about Ineke please visit her website:

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